Focussing on complete solutions
and quality service

About Communications South

Communications South was established in Portsmouth, Hampshire, in 1989 and has grown to become one of the leading telecommunications systems suppliers in the southeast of England.

Over the years, our business has evolved to keep pace with the fast-changing telecommunications industry. And we continue to evolve, so that our clients receive the latest telecommunications systems to help them operate more effectively and efficiently.

Customer service has been a priority at Communications South since day one. Our friendly, dedicated approach has not only helped our clients succeed, but has been vital to our own growth.

Our experienced team

Communications South is committed to customer service. It has been a priority since the day we began trading.

Every client is equally valued, whatever their size and whatever their requirements. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, not short-term fixes. From the initial enquiry through to the post-installation check-up, we guarantee a high level of service.

Communications South also believes in investing in the development of its employees, because we know that our success depends on the expertise and approach of the people who work for us. Find out what our customers say about us here.

Quality of service
is paramount…

Communications South spent time with us to ensure we understood the options available and to guide us through the huge range of systems on the market.

They installed state-of-the-art technology, which will allow us to provide better customer service.

Communications are such an integral part of any business today that you have to trust and rely totally on your provider.

Communications South are professional, reliable and always willing to help.

Doing our bit

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment, and Communications South is committed to minimising the impact of its operations and reducing its carbon footprint.

  • We recycle our surplus cable. The copper is stripped out of the cabling and re-used.
  • We recycle our old telephone systems, including sockets and plastic casings.
  • We recycle our office materials, including paper, packaging, plastic and printer cartridges.
  • Where possible, we refurbish and re-use equipment that has been replaced by new systems.
  • We use local suppliers for goods and services wherever possible.
  • We encourage our suppliers to implement eco-friendly policies.